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1000 idiots keep telling me what to do in my mind

they tell me to be ambitious,aggressive

they tell me to do this and do that

they tell me what is right and what is wrong

I just focus on killing each of these idiots one by one!

I just kill them through awareness

they keep coming back when i am not in this moment

I keep hearing them in my ambition,

Everytime i listened to them I did well in other’s eyes

but failed in my own eyes

I have decided to ignore these idiots and listen to my heart

since then I have been a idiot in eyes of others

but then I found a dance and a song!

I realized it is better to be idiot in other eyes than in my own eyes

– Poem by Suresh

Meditation is art of finding right guide. Meditation is knowing you have all the intelligence available to you at this moment. Meditation is moving beyond mind. Meditation is a way of finding inner guide.

Love and lots of it.