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Meditation story and ZEN fable by Suresh

I met my destiny yesterday in a odd place! I was just relaxing watching a beautiful sunset! then I suddenly met unfamiliar yet familiar face! I asked him “do i know you?, ofcourse; he said ” I am your destiny”

I laughed hard and told him “what is he doing here? of all the odd places, you are meeting me when I am relaxing? I told him to come over tomorrow when I am trading and I would love to know more about my destiny!”( and make some money too!)

He laughed so hard that I was embarrassed by that noise, I was worried about his lack of manners but then very rarely i meet my destiny so I was patient with him , He took deep breath and waited for a moment to allow unbearable silence to occupy between us and then he spoke in a deep baritone voice!

“Hey Idiot! I have been always there, I am tired of running behind you, You have been running after career, wealth, women, ambition and I am running after you. I almost met you couple of times when you were watching sunset, sipping tea, spending a laugh with family but you always moved quickly from relaxedness to desire, Only if you had waited for some more time then I would have met you earlier!

I said: What nonsense? you bloody destiny ? what’s your goal? what’s my destiny? ” I almost wanted to slap him with irritation.

Destiny with his smile as big as his mouth said slowly “your destiny is same as every blade of grass, every flower and every being on this earth, it is happiness, it is relaxation and it is awareness and that’s all is your destiny , rest are just tools to arrive there.

Oh yeah ! i screamed ” when Can I get it?

He said “right now! here and now! this moment if you can relax and be aware, you have arrived! And I can spend with you rest of my life if you can stay in this moment!”

I gazed into silence in front of me as it started en gulping me in positive way, I just arrived at my destination!

End of fable.

Meditation is knowing you have arrived at the station before you start your journey, meditation is art of realizing that this moment is enough to make lifetime journey. Meditation is remembering that you are already at home. Meditation is meeting destiny at this moment.

Love dear ones and lots of it