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Photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2007

Sufi fable and Story by Suresh:

After landing at Rumi’s tomb I was eager to pray. After years of planning finally I was in Konya and near Rumi’s tomb. I was waiting near the tomb’s door to open as I landed early before scheduled open time. I decided to take a walk and I was in great mood,

As I walked across the road I met a Fakir begging on street, he asked

“Nawab, Please spare me some coins?”

I smiled back at him and said ” why coins? let me give you a note and I am in good mood today as I am going to get into Rumi’s tomb for prayer? ”

he didn’t get excited but asked me” Have you been here before? ; I said”no, this is my first time”

Fakir looked into my eyes and asked me “What are you going to ask BABA(Rumi)?”

I went blank for a minute and said ‘ the usual stuff, praying for wealth, health, good luck to me and my family”

Fakir laughed at me and said ” you seems to be bigger beggar than me, I am only asking for few coins and I have everything in this world – a song, a dance and Air conditioned weather, Sunbathing beaches. but you seems to be beggar in disguise of a gentleman, looks like you are constantly begging God for one thing or the other”

While holding a note in my hand i was stunned, I didn’t know what to say, only thing I knew for sure is I am bigger beggar than Fakir.

Fakir walked away with a blessing to me and small question to me” why not ask for God himself if you are going to beg anyway? why just wealth and health?

Lightning struck me at that moment and Later when I prayed at the tomb , I couldn’t ask for anything. Since then I have praying without reason. Prayer it’s self has been such a blessing, i don’t think I need anything more!

End of fable.

Meditation is art of prayer without reasons. Meditation is the ultimate prayer you can offer, Meditation is nothing but being grateful to whole existence for no reason. Meditation is the realizing that you are an emperor inside.

Love and lots of it.