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Have you noticed all preparation for peace is resulting in War. it’s strange but true. Any preparation for Peace should have resulted in quite and calm environment. We decide unless we attack someone then there is a threat to peace. Unless we wage war on certain group of people then there will no peace.

Unless we fight certain countries then there is no peace to our religion! in the name religious peace we terrorize countries! What rubbish! We have been fighting more wars in the name of Peace than War itself.

It looks like we need to change the definition of Peace, may be peace means War itself!

The same is the case with you. Your search of happiness is the reason for your unhappiness. Your frustrations and anger collectively forms a Society. And vice versa is true also. it is a vicious circle where individual influences society and society influences Individual. Very few have been able to break the shackles of society and stand on their own. A Christ here- a Krishna there -a Mohammad here -A Buddha there .

Society is nothing but a collection of individuals. All revolutions fail because of this. Only evolution has a long lasting effect because it works at a individual level. Unless a certain change starts happening at each family in terms of non-violence, peace and awareness it is difficult to stop War. The choice is yours. You may think that by practicing peace at your level What can happen?. Trust me! Meditation has a atomic effect.

Meditation of art of fighting bullet with Rose, Meditation is a courageous journey of non-violence. To me it takes bigger guts to be non-violent than to be Violent. Meditation is a way of responding fire with compassion and love.