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Happiness requires that one be courageous. It is easy to be miserable, any coward can do that, it needs no talents, no guts, any impotent person can do it. But to be Happy needs guts, courage — courage to gamble, courage to risk, courage to go into the unknown. So only a very few courageous people attain to Happiness, because only a few people risk all for it.

People are so cowardly that they don’t even risk their misery for Happiness. They cling to misery. Out of fear they cling to anything, even misery will do; they have to cling to something. They don’t allow the misery to go: even if there are opportunities to drop it, they don’t drop it. They find a thousand and one excuses not to. Even if there are occasions when Happiness, is possible, it knocks on the door, they escape and hide.

To me, courage is one of the greatest character towards journey of unknown. Meditation is art of being courageous! Meditation is nothing but courage to move into unknown, into the uncharted, the unfamiliar…