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Zen fable by Suresh

Prominent Doctor opened his new clinic and wanted to have his clinic’s board ready as early as possible. He asked the low cost painter to write his profession as Psychotherapist. but to his horror he found the name was completely screwed up contrary to what he communicated.

Painter had written “Psycho the rapist” instead of Psychotherapist. Doctor started shouting at him for such a mess. but the painter calmly replied “Sir I have written what you said ” how do I understand what you are trying to say? I am not educated like you, I understand from my own little intelligence, it is your mistake as you should have explained it properly for an idiot like me in a proper manner”

This is how we work in relationships, half the time we spend energy on explaining the other our view point. but the other concludes your thoughts with his or her own thoughts. we constantly crib about other not understanding your view point. It happens with your friends, relatives, wife, husband, children, colleagues, ……. Our mind, our judgments, our anxiety drives our communication to nuts.

Biggest struggle of our times in relationships is of communication. In communication we are unable to relate and hence the relationships are under strain. that’s why when you are in Love it is so easy to communicate thru hands, eyes, heart. the moment Love disappears you bang each others head to communicate.Our education is of mind oriented communication. But Love, Prayer, Poetry, Art, dance all are form communication thru Heart.

Say it from the heart whatever you say and there is a good chance other one understands it the way you want them to understand it!

Meditation is art of communicating through silence. Meditation is hearing what has been not said. Meditation is language of heart.