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Photo copyright 2007 Suresh Gundappa

Truth hurts!

When you love someone then you need not pretend, In fact your pretension shows a blackspot on your Love. To be faithful in love means you need to be truthful . Once you build foundation on Love then even thunder storm will find it difficult to shake it.

Most of us feel obligated by not hurting Loved ones by telling them what you feel on their face!. It takes initial roadblocks to overcome this “truth on your face” attitude but over a period of time this will be the only thing holds together.

That’s why relationship never stay warm over a longtime. Because there is no trust in relationship. TRUST is a byproduct of TRUTH. If you constantly feel the lack of trust in your relationship, May be you need to start again and this time with the help of truth.

Telling truth may hurt your loved one but then that’s the reality. Don’t back away from telling truth to your friends , children, wife, Colleagues etc,. Youw ill be doing favour for yourself and other by your act.

Meditation is art of learning the path of truth. Meditation is therapy of removing your mask and showing your original face. Meditation is the only truth.