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Photo and poem Copyright Suresh Gundappa 2007

I asked peacock

I want to know why are you dancing?

Is it rain? Is it green?

Or is it Love?

Or Is it Beloved?

Peacock looked at me said

“you must me the learned man

Why should I have a reason to dance?

I dance because I feel like dancing!

Dance is enough reason to dance

if you are looking for reasons go away

but if you want to dance,

Dance because you breath!

We have got into habitual rut of finding reasons to do everything, we believe we need to justify everything. trust me,You need to learn to flow with life without reasons. Life is not available in question marks. It is a constant notation of exclamatory marks!

Life is beyond reasoning. Life can be felt but cannot be explained! It is the Aha! That makes Life!

Meditation is learning to move into unknown. Meditation is celebrating life for no reason. Meditation is the ability to flow continuously without reason blocks. Meditation is when Dancing and Dancer merges into Dance!