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Photo and article copyright Suresh Gundappa 2007

one common complain I hear from friends is that It is so difficult to sit in Meditation for long. Friends say they tend to irritated , restless and totally awkward .

The reason you feel so much out of place is you have been used to noise. By sitting for few minutes ,eyes closed, You come in face to face to with the faceless reality. You feel lost and frightened, suffocated at the thought of no thought. You fear of silence is nothing but your fear of death.

Unless you die few times then you cannot know life. Life happens in your breathing, Death happens between breaths. if you can catch this gap then you have caught the mystery of life.

The moment you start getting comfortable with gaps between breathing then you will start getting comfortable with life. Just a little inward movement is all you need.

Strangely some of your fine experiences of life is also of silence. Watching beach, climbing hills, Laughing loudly for a joke, Orgasm with your beloved, All are nothing but Faces of silence. it’s just the quality awareness which is different here.

If you cannot know silence then you cannot know life, Life whispers in sound of silence. Life explodes in silence between breaths. Life vibrates in silence between two musical notes!

Meditation is missing what is obvious to mind! Meditation is art of removing dust screen from your eyes. Meditation is dieing each moment to live that moment fully.