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Article and photo copyright Suresh gundappa 2007

This is a paradox of life but it is also the strangest way we can pass the age old secret. It can only be discovered by you!

Silence and awareness cannot be communicated in true sense. You can only create words and sentences to give an idea about both. Millions of texts in Bible, Gita, Quran are trying to tell you what cannot be said thru text. They are all tools to rediscover awareness with which you are born.

Choiceless awareness is a state of silence with no words. It is an inexpressible state of being. Words are really impotent to communicate sound of silence. This is the reason why people find so difficult to understand meditation. People catch on to words of explanation. Half of their life they spend interpreting words. In my experience either you get it or you don’t get it. there is no middle path.

Meditation cannot be shared as experience. It cannot be taught, only efforts can be made to share and convey.

The point I am trying to convey here is, it is good to listen, read, hear – words of wisdom. But somewhere down the road you need to take a jump to find out the mystery for yourself. Unless your effort is there to find out the truth nothing can happen. That’s why this world is full of Disciples . They lack discipline of self effort so they become disciples of someone else’s theory. There is nothing wrong in having a guru as long as it leads to self realization. All real teachers lead you to path where you can drop teacher and move on your own. that’s the job of the teacher or guru! – to lead you to awareness where you drop the teacher!

Take a risk , take a jump, Awareness is your basic nature, do not worry about how you will learn mediation, Start digging around, start questioning around, Experiment around. Eventually you will reach there. Efforts towards self learning of meditation has always taken people to awareness. trust me, you will never fail if you make efforts.

there is a saying in zen ” if you find a Buddha on the road kill him” what it means is that you never become his follower and lose your own opportunity to become a Buddha. just learn from Buddha and move on

Jesus says “be child like to enter kingdom of heaven” . Where have you seen a child listening to someone? child follow their heart, their intuition, their awareness. that’s what Christ means. follow your path with child like awareness!

Let me end with a sufiana poem of mine

– Hey beloved

just let me be in silence, in unity

Don’t make me convey my ecstasy

my song will then become a lie of words

the moment I share it.

let me be alone, unnoticed, not famous

so that I die in unity, not known to world

instead of of famous books and disciples in my name –


Meditation is the only truth which becomes lie the moment you say it. Mediation is a path from aloneness to unity. Meditation is art of disappearing from Mind to stay in awareness of no-mind.

Love and lots of it