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Meditation fable by Suresh Gundapa, Photo and story copyright 2007-2008

I was sick and tired of trying to meet God, So I decided to take a flight to his place. As usual line outside his house was really big. too many people waiting with big list of wishes. Everybody was asking for pen and paper as they were writing their wish list while standing in line and waiting for their turn. I was smart, I knew this problem before so I carried a 200 page notebook( i didn’t trust Bill Gates! & My laptop as I had Microsoft shares in my wish list!) and I was entering new dreams as and when I got one and trust me I was getting new ones too fast.

God’s sexy secretary walked by to note down my name. she introduced her name as “Lust”. I just entered her name quickly in my wish list too. Trust me, she was hot enough to put in your dream list. She told me the situation is little hopeless. I got to wait long time before I get to meet God. I tried my seducing best with her to put me higher on list. Living in India helped my case as I knew the art of bribing well!

Oh! I cracked her, she took me to the side and told me that there is another line available to meet God quickly. mmm.. I was making progress! She showed me another line where bunch of idiots, Fakirs, Madmen were standing to meet God, that line seemed to be really small with very few people in line and mostly few kids and few fakirs. I asked her what is that line for? She told me ” that is also another line to meet God but with few strict conditions! I asked her her what are those rules? is the bribe too high? I told her I have been paying money to temples, mosques, churches so I am OK to pay few extra bucks! She nodded her head and said it’s not about money!

She continued “this line is for persons with no wish list or persons with no desires! and If i take that line then I cannot ask God anything and I have to burn my wish book( 200 pages!) . But she said ” I must spend sometime with GOD having fun! – sing a song, share a joke, laugh a little bit, watch sunset etc”. I told God’s secretary that what rubbish is that? you meet God and have no wish list? what kind of moron want to do that? I am not an idiot to go and meet God and ask him nothing!

She made helpless expression and told me it’s my choice. I was very clear in my mind, If I meet God it has to be under my terms! I am not going to waste my time in laughing, relaxing, watching sunset (blah blah !). I decided to stay back and check some guys out :who were coming out of this second line.

As usual one Idiot fakir came out! I caught him singing and laughing loudly and returning back! I stopped him and asked ” What kind of an idiot are you? you got an opportunity to meet God and I believe you have not asked him anything! have you been treated lately?

But Fakir said “who told you I didn’t get anything? yes It’s true that I didn’t ask GOD anything but he knew what I wanted and God gave me everything I deserved! I just laughed little bit , played some football, played with kids, stroked my guitar, Sang few songs”

he looked into my eyes and said ” I have stopped asking and started recieving! and I have more than I need and in fact I am ready to share.

I was shocked and hurt, my whole 200 page book wishlist was glaring at me! I took so much time to preare my wishlist! and this Fakir says he has got so much to share!
After a while I dropped everything to join second line, By the time I reached entrance door of spacious God’s office, I realized I was so empty and content in awareness. removing dreams and wishlist from my chest seemed to lift weight of me. I had so much space for new creative energy. I was overflowing with joy!. I had lost my mind and I had nothing to ask for. I was so empty I had no energy to move forward.

I decided to not to meet God, I turned my back on God and started walking back in awareness. I had found myself.

As usual his secretary was standing outside with a smile on her face, somehow she didn’t look sexy at all. she smiled at me and introduced her name as ” Love”. OH! I thought her name was lust! may be i didn’t catch her name right first time, now I am relaxed I got her name right!

Fakir was standing there and laughing at me, but something was different about him, he looked like an emperor to me.

First line had got bigger but all of them were looking like beggars. Second line was getting smaller and smaller but everybody was looking like emperors in second line!

I am not sure I will go back again to find a slot in God’s calendar, I know I have access to him!

End of the fable

Meditation is art of thanking divine for nothing! Meditation is realization of knowing you have more than what you need. Meditation is a journey of being thankful for no reason! Meditation is art of shedding costly beggar clothes and realizing emperor inside you.