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Photo copyright suresh gundappa 2007

Its festival of lights in India, It’s a festival of lights, brightness, colors, sweets, gambling and Happiness.

It’s festival of bursting crackers, Dancing children and homecoming families!

Darkness in other words is absent of light. the moment you bring light in darkness steps back into oblivion. People all the time worry and complain about the mad world and darkness around them. It’s just takes a single candle to light thousands of candles. Find your inner light, Do not worry about others.

Focus on your inner growth. eventually darkness around you & people around you will also be illuminated.On Diwali, festival of lights, I wish you find inner light.

Ghalib says Love is lamp of God and I am its moth.

Hafiz says I have made the journey into nothing and I have lit the map that needs no oil.

I wish you find darkness around you so much that it can be lighted by your radiant inner light. One small lamp is enough to light thousands of lamp. Be that lamp and do not worry about others. Focus on yourself.

Meditation is art of finding your inner light, Meditation is art of lighting lamp without oil. Meditation is being light to yourself.

Love and lots of it