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Fable and photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2007

ZEN Fable by Suresh:

Dad and Son were watching a movie in a crowded theater. It was a usual hero and Villain thriller. Son was totally involved in a movie. While watching movie Son whispered into Dads ear “Daddy, I do not like this Bad guy! he behaves so badly with women, he shoots and kills, he treats people badly, he swears! he does’t have any respect for women!”

As usual Dad frowned and said with a I Know all tone – “Son that’s why he is a bad man in the movie because he has no manners, He is enemy no 1!”

Son listened with all attention and agreed Dad knows a lot about enemies and bad people.

Movie ended, popcorn finished, cola in their stomach they decided to go back home. Son really enjoyed the movie and he was thrilled about the Hero and Bad villain, He was punching his hand in air beating imaginary villain while walking back to Car. Dad was happy coz son was happy!

As they took their car from the parking lot to the main road, suddenly an old woman in a large SUV cut him on the road and overtook him in to the right lane. it seems like the old woman behind the wheel was in a hurry. Dad put his foot down on the brake and pressed his car horn loud enough to be heard by everyone on street.

Immediately out of anger he put his head out of window and screamed ” you bitch! can’t u see where ya goin! U little F*^K, ” and he raised his middle finger in anger. He was furious!

Old lady who cut him on the road lifted her hand from the window, apologized for her behavior and moved fast. Dad was still angry at her and swearing words were still flowing from his mouth. Suddenly he realized his son was watching him all the time and was looking at him in shocked state.

Dad said quietly “It’s OK son! don’t worry about it, I hate it when people cut me and overtake me in a lousy manner!

Son in low tone replied Dad – You just looked like that movie Villain, he was also behaving bad with Women”

Dad was too stunned to say anything but he did manage to say “sorry”

-End of the fable.

We all have people or character we hate. We do not approve them. Somewhere we feel hurt or agitated by their behavior.

This is the Gift of the enemy: NEVER BE LIKE THEM. If you don’t approve something in the other , be sure you are not the same. Recognize as many characters as enemies. but NEVER BE LIKE THEM. Gift of an enemy is precious, recognize it and make sure you are not the same.

Meditation is art of deep acceptance of life, Meditation is art of gaining true character. Meditation is science of finding enemy withing you.

Love and lots of it dear ones