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poem and photo copyright Suresh gundappa 2007

I often hear friends say – I feel so peaceful when I go to Beach or a quite place. Invariably I break into smile.

People depend too much on external atmosphere to relate to inner silence. If you cannot capture silence in noisy fish market; then I promise you that the silence you have found near the beach is not going to last long. it’s good, once in a while to go near the nature to feel raw energy. It’s good to hear the sound of silence. But once you capture silence in your heart then carry it back.

You might have thousand and one reasons why you cannot find silence. but the true silence or peace arises from discovering that is never changing inside you.

Your true test of creative silence is when you test it in most ardent conditions. if you can carry peace while you are going thru a thunderstorm, then Silence is yours to keep. Otherwise like morning clouds you silence keeps disappearing as soon as you leave your beach house or hill station.

It doesn’t matter where you are and where you live, find sometime to find silence everyday. slowly silence will find you irrespective of where you are.

I searched for him in noisy hymns

I searched him in loud prayers

I searched him in candle light

I searched him in scriptures

I searched him in Temples, Mosques and Church

But I found him in rest.

I found him in my art

I found him in silence.

Meditation is art of discovering that is never changing. Meditation is music of sound of silence. Meditation is knowing you have something inside you that never changes with external influences.