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photo copyright and source :http://www.pulitzer.org/year/2005/breaking-news-photography/works/

Bullets never listen to prayer

Bombs can never be made in God’s courtyard

In war

you never win without losing,

In love

Only losers can win the game,

If you are not for love

if you are hell bent on revenge

Make sure you there are two graves , One for YOU & one for your so called enemy!

War is only an example, you fight everyday with friends, family, business etc. There is nothing like small or big in revenge. Look at yourself and answer how many times you wished harm to someone? Every time you consciously caused hurt or thinking about hurting someone then you have killed some part of your soul. Slowly you form a vicoious circle of peopel wanting to hurt each other. You have a tremendous opportunity to love someone, be nice to someone today, May you just helped someone from getting killed.

Meditation is the most courageous thing anyone can do. Meditation is a journey of unconditioned compassion. Meditation is an antidote to violent nature of mind.



PS: Which one of the above two photographs display more pain? (pls don’t answer;stay hurt!)