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photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2008

I guess it is our up bringing that makes us ask too many questions before we take any step forward. I keep getting lot of questions from friends, readers on Meditation, God, Happiness etc. everyone wants instant answers and gratification.

We are not ready for acceptance and present moment living. That’s why we carry so many questions. Questions are a stumbling block to inner journey. the beauty of inner journey is such that it start with an Answer!

Dropping questions means deep acceptance of present moment. It means you are living in here and now. it takes a lot more courage to accept present moment everything as it is and move forward and it doesn’t take much intelligence to question everything around us!

Awareness is a journey of no questions. Meditation is a journey into unknown. Do not get into why , when , What and how? if you do, then you have already moved far away from your road.

What is love? GOD? prayer? meditation? ..

you can go on making your life full of questions which you want to conclude. But the mysterious ways of life is that it is only made of answers. With silence , with awareness life mysteries keeps peeling off in front of you in silence.

Meditation is a question less answer. Meditation is when all questions ceases into present moment. Meditation is rediscovering question as an answer.