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Photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2008

This is an ancient proverb and probably biggest open secret of centuries.

People talk about positivity and thinking positive. but to me biggest positivity comes from knowing you can trust life. Trusting life to take care of you.

Infinite patience means Infinite trust in life. Trusting life is nothing but deep trust in yourself.  Knowing that all your intentions will bear fruit at the right time. If you have infinite patience you tend to relax, you tend to be at peace with yourself. When you are at peace with yourself it is easy to see where you are going.

Very rarely man at peace indulges in dirty politics, ego fights, greedy motives. For him everything what he needs will eventually come to him, that’s his belief. That’s his trust.

Enjoy this moment and know that there is miraculous way of getting all your intentions come true. don’t be lazy , work towards your goals but without any tension about results. Put more energy into work because you trust.

Meditation is an art of trusting life completely. Meditation is prayer of deep trust. Being meditative means being in trust.

Love and lots of it