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Photo and post copyright Suresh Gundappa 2008

Just take a honest look at yourself, How many times in a day you think about your past and things which went wrong, injustice done to you by life, Bad luck you suffered, relationships which didn’t work out etc etc.

Your mind is constantly occupied with the same resentment and misery you have been carrying it for ages. You have gone over it thousand times but you still think about it all the time.

What can you do about it? actually nothing, other than thinking about it. Your growth towards happiness is chained by resentment and regrets. You are carrying large boulder of past.

You got to stop this.

You love entertaining yourself because mind thrives on such a misery. Your only opium of life is thinking about your past and your bad luck in life.

Forgive, Forget and Accept life in its deepest present moment. that’s the only way to remove your chains.
if you ask me why laughing is such a joyous phenomena that’s because when you laugh you don’t think. You just laugh, you just stay at the present moment. Love, orgasm, compassion, prayer all are ways towards present moment experience.

Unless you drop past, there is a very little possibility your future may be drastically different. Once you become light on heart then you will see different possibilities for yourself. There is a good chance that you will have lot of energy available to you to create better future.

Whenever you notice entertaining yourself, STOP IT, just STOP it.

This is a disease. Just move on, be grateful to thousand other things you have today and Love yourself for whatever you are and whatever you are not!

The act of creativity with artists, painters, photographers is fulfilling because for any such activity you need a fresh womb. fresh moment, Fresh present moment awareness. that’s why hobbies are so much close to your heart.

This existence is neither made of past nor future. It’s available in this present moment and that’s why it is called “present” moment or you can call it “gift”.