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Photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2008

Green represents freshness , life, Aliveness. Green reminds you of the language you have forgotten. Green represents that part of your life you ache for, Green is your calling.

For years in the name of concrete structures we have forgotten the art of working with nature. Just look at some of those buildings, you feel just nauseated by their presence.

Millions of people run to mountains, jungles, diving and other adventure sports because they feel expanded in the presence of nature. They carry so much energy from such trips it keeps them going for months. The moment such energy starts dissipating and burning out , they want to run again.

In nature, noise inside your head is reduced, in a day to day living you are constantly living in a reactive model. Wife, car, office, Money, relations all continuously keep stimulating one or the other thoughts inside your head. Something is constantly going in your head which sucks your energy.

The moment you land near mountains then your external stimulus comes to halt. With NO familiar sight to create thoughts in your head, first time you feel peaceful. Unimaginable serenity surrounds you.

This is what meditation is all about. Meditation is nothing but bringing you close to nature. Bringing you close to silence. Once you get the taste of silence you feel the same way as if in the midst of mountains. Going close to nature is a good way to start Inner journey. But that is not enough, the moment you comeback to day to day action you lose that serenity

Practice silence, Give yourself sometime to explore nature. Exploring nature your best chance to know life and yourself.

Taste of silence, just once is all you need, then Nature keeps calling you and Don’t die without answering the call of the valley!