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Photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2008

It’s not difficult to explain the secret behind attractions towards creative artists.  Creativity comes out of  positive energy. Any work which you are immersed is like meditation.

Singers, musicians,  painters, photographers tend to immerse in their activity while creating their respective work. Meditation is nothing but action and activity is merged into form awareness.

It is a union of painter and painting, & it is a union of Dance and Dancer and Dancing.

These creative sessions tend to create a silence inside any artist. For that matter any creativity creates tremendous joy and silence inside you.

It is natural for anyone to get attracted to relaxation.  When you are stuck in day to day tension, you tend to get attracted to people who are more relaxed

Attraction of tension is always towards relaxation.

Sexual attraction at it’s deepest core in nothing but your longing for relaxation. Regularly Musicians feature as sexiest people on earth in survey’s.  Recently I was reading a survey in a leading US magazine about single most common reason for affairs!. Most of the respondents  indicated they tend to relax in the presence of the person with whom they had affair with! Interesting isn’t it!

It is nothing to do with the artist that he or she is attractive. It is just that you are so tense that any energy peaceful looks tremendously attractive. It is important that you have some space in your life dedicated to activity you love.

A hobby or something you are passionate about or something you enjoy will help you to see different side of life. It also helps you to take more responsible position towards life.

The reason why you are not able to make headway in your life with respect to relationships is because you are NOT ready to look at issues in a relaxed manner.  You cannot because you do not know how to relax.

It is difficult to teach relaxation by meditation from the start. But it is easy to teach you relaxation if you can find some work you love. Slowly your work will become your meditation.  That’s why most of the teachers say “find a work/job you love”; once you find something you enjoy everything else falls in place.

I say, start with a hobby you love and slowly you will see transformation inside you.

Meditation is art of relaxation. Meditation is nothing but  rediscovering you calm inner nature.