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Window of opportunity!

Photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2008

when you are silent your potential speaks to you. whispers to you. And those whisperings are absolutely categorical-no if’s and buts. The heart knows nothing of if and buts. it simply says this is your destiny. Become a painter or a poet or a sculptor or a dancer or a musician. It simply says this is how you will be full filled.

it starts directing you.

the function of Mediation is to help you to make silent so that you can hear your own whisperings, you own inner calling, Then your life starts moving towards inner discipline.

Meditation is nothing but helping you discover your insight. then you are free, then you move towards freedom.

Don’t die with music in your heart, Take risks and jump. to take risks you need to know how to listen to heart. listening to heart is art called meditation. Unless you take risks you will never know your potential.