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New karma Everyday!

copyright Suresh Gundappa 2008.

It is interesting to note that word Karma has been borrowed from east and has been used extensively across the west.  Although in it’s core meaning Karma denotes nothing but Newton’s third law I.e For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. please note that in Quantum physics only thought creates Action, not awareness.

Karma means act committed in lack of awareness. Typical acts of un-conscious mind stems from emotions like anger, greed, Jealous, ego.  Anything you do out of  mind and Unawareness continues to have reaction. The reason reaction happens is because event footprint remains in your mind. For example you carry anger about a friend or parents with you for a long time and lot of your actions are result of such an anger inside you. In other words Karma originates from thoughts ingrained in your system as a result of your un-mindful action.

However anything acted out of awareness, does’t leave foot print. Becasue awareness means you are so total in this moment there is no past or future for such a moment. Very rarely you carry it within you.

It Ancient wisdom, Crime is nothing but act you committed out of your mind on which you had no control.

The only crime is  you can commit is Unawareness.  Material manifestation of unawareness is reflected in events like robbery, murder, rape etc. so if you look at the basic reason for crime it is unconscious mind.

And only way to wash your Karma is Awareness. This is what the the meaning of Adam eating apple of Knowledge. It is nothing but Apple of Un-awareness.  Eden is still open and available , you can go back any moment. All you need is awareness

Next time you think of Karma, think of Awareness

Meditation is art of washing away your karma. Meditation is when you stop generating Karma and start living moment to moment.