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Photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2008

Former India Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was killed by Militants. Few weeks back his daughter did unimaginable thing, she met her Father’s murderer and she took the sweetest revenge possible, she forgive her.

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It’s never happened before in politics. Politics means another word for revenge and ugly game of taking another fellow down,

But then there are exceptions and there is hope,  I usually don’t write about politicians but then once in a while event happens in such a way that you need to share.

remember: one who forgives is forgiven. The quality and the capacity to forgive is one of the most beautiful flowers of the human soul. Revenge is ugly. mean; it is falling to the lowest. To forgive is to rise so high. The more one becomes capable of forgiving, the more one’s heart expands, one’s consciousness grows bigger. The day one can forgive all and everything is the day when god meets man, man meets god.

So let this quality of forgiveness become your very centre. Don’t forgive in the sense that you are obliging. Don’t forgive as a duty, because then it creates the ego, and a very subtle ego, which is dangerous. more dangerous than revenge itself. The holy ego is the worst possible ego in the world. So don’t be righteous. Take it with ease; to forgive should become natural, and then it is really a benediction.

Meditation is art of forgiving oneself, Meditation is knowing all is one so there is nothing to forgive and nothing to take revenge on.