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Copyright Suresh Gundappa 2008

Ego-Edging God Out

If you can accept yourself totally without any prejudice , belief or opinion then you have tremendous energy available to you. Most of your energy is consumed in proving yourself right at every opportunity. if you look at yourself, all your relations, your work and your dreams, they  are nothing but one way street of what you want.

You are perfect as one can be and that’s because this creation is perfect. And everything created under this universe is perfect. Universe means one song : uni + verse.

The constant urge to prove yourself is ego. The constant need to form opinion on others is ego.

The ego has no interest in you. It is only interested in its existence. Ego’s existence is nothing but absence of awareness. It is not something that the ego can brag of It would like to go to the moon, which is not your birthright. Howsoever silly it will be, it would like to go to Everest. That is not your birthright, but the ego gets interested only in things which make you superior, higher, special, famous, celebrities. The ego is not interested in something which you are carrying with you from your very birth. It is interested in extraordinary things. The more difficult the job, the more the ego becomes interested in it. And enlightenment is the easiest thing in existence, the most natural. Hence, ego has no interest in it.  This is how the problem arises. The moment a child is born, nobody is interested in the child’s nature, his potential, his possibilities of growth. Nobody is interested in the child’s birthright. Everybody is interested in making the child something very special — an Alexander the Great, a Beethoven, a Picasso, an Albert Einstein, a Mao Tse-tung — somebody who is going to be in history. Your mother, your father, your teachers, your priests, everybody is helping you to move away from yourself as much as possible. And this distance is the strength of your ego. The farther you are from yourself, the bigger is your ego.

simple way of reducing ego is allowing this universe ( you can call it God if you want) to work on you. only problem is you are so full of Ego that you have no place of Universe to define you and create miracles for you.

slow down little bit Accept yourself in whatever form, shape, behavior you are, You are as perfect as any other creation on this universe. Just allow silence to come in. Just allow universal energy to come inside you.

that’s why EGO is nothing but edging God out.  the moment your Ego disappears then God comes in.

Meditation is art of dissolving Ego, Meditation is nothing but science of moving beyond ego.