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Photo copyright Suresh Gundappa 2008

Khajuraho temple is probably most meditative spot created on earth. Mystics of India dared to use life force or sex energy to convey Meditation.

I do not know how many of you have ever visited Khajuraho? if you haven’t then you should make it a point to visit this temple once in your life time. Periphery of this temple is carved with exquisite erotic sculptures. It’s Kamasutra in visuals!

This is not playboy or pornographic experience. Although this can beat playboy hand’s down. This is a school of tantra.  Tantra is first school of mystics to use Base energy of Man. Some call it life force or Sexual force. Names doesn’t matter . what is important to know is that we all are part of this vital energy.

But the most famous part of the Khajuraho is always missed out in discussion. To me most beautiful part of Khajuraho is the center of temple. This is probably only temple in India which doesn’t have any Major God or Deity at the center. In other words inner core of this temple is empty. Extraordinary foresight to showcase most potent message.

At the heart of Love there is only silence!

At the heart of the orgasm there is nothing but silence. Psychologists now say addiction to sex is nothing but reflection of tense mind. Your longing for orgasm is nothing but longing for silence. Mystics say first glimpse of meditation has to be orgasm!. It is very difficult to explain Meditative experience But you can say it is closer to aha of Orgasm!

Have you looked at couples in Marriage Misery ?  One thing which is sure sign of dead marriage is when couple cannot bear silence between them. Just take a look at them, they need constant noise around them. whether it is music, TV or children – whatever it takes but not silence between them!  Isn’t it amazing that people in Love always love silence but in marriage they can’t bear silence!.

If you ask before  marriage any couple they just say we enjoy each other company. they can look into each others eyes for a long time without talking. but just after Marriage- they cannot bear any silence in between them. It’s not only sign of Your love , it is also state of your mind!

If you need to be in Love then you need know how to enjoy silence. If you cannot enjoy silence then you cannot enjoy communication also. We make so much efforts to teach children to talk, communicate but we never make effort to teach them silence. That’s why growing they find so much difficult to find love. Love is a by product of peace, awareness and silence inner self. In Love you can relate to other only to an extent you can relate to yourself.

Next time find some silence before you make Love , you can go to depths you have not gone before.

Meditation is art of cosmic orgasm. Meditation is art of becoming love itself.