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There are only two types of people in the world. there are people who are always asking for more and never enjoying what is available. When that which they are seeking becomes available they will be still seeking for more. they are not going to enjoy either. They will be postponing their enjoyment for their whole life. their life is nothing but a long long postponement;it is always tomorrow. Today they have to work, today they have to earn, tomorrow they will relax and enjoy. but the tomorrow never comes, It is always today. Hence they live life without knowing what life is.

The second category is those who enjoy that which they have,not bothering about more. And the miracle is that everyday they have more and more to enjoy. Their capacity to enjoy increase. they are constantly practicing it. Each moment they are enjoying:they become more skillful in enjoying, they become connoisseurs of joy, they become very very sensitive about small nuances of pleasure. All their sense become alive, they have become tremendously intelligent.

And out of this intelligence, awarenss, sensitivity, the next moment is born. of course they will be able to enjoy next moment more than they have enjoyed this moment.

Meditation is nothing but life in here and now. Meditation is nothing but recognizing you always get one moment to live but two moment to think(past and future).