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We have been trained to be afraid of insecurity, Insecurity creates problems in you, Only death is secure and life is insecure and that’s the beauty of Life!

If you are not constantly challenged then you are not growing ! trust me!  your ability to reach heights are only tested in Insecurity.

To me insecurity means growth!  whole life we are trying for safety. Financially, politically, religiously — in every dimension we want to be secure.

thousands of you are living without taking risks, thousands of you will probably die without even trying!

Look yourself in mirror and ask

Are you living? Is there a dance in your life? Are you moving, growing, risking, taking the challenges of dangerous paths? In the acceptance of the danger, in the acceptance that anything can happen any moment, life comes to its best, to its fullest.

Meditation happens only to the courageous because to meditate you need die to the past. Meditation means you are born every moment.  Then you fresh for life otherwise your life is nothing but waiting for security ( or Death!)