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Suersh Gundappa 2008

It’s strange but true, we have this urge to dissect everything on table top.  That’s what universities teach us.  Way back in college I met one of the living poets whose poem was part of my curriculum.

I happened to to meet him over a dinner and told him I liked his poems.  I also told him I never get good marks over his Poems . I told him I score well in prose but less in poetry.

He looked into my eyes and laughed! , He told me the very reason he wrote poems was because he did not want to write in prose!. Now universities prepare questions in detail to ask student’s understanding of poem!

Poet and poems belong to world of romantics or world of heart. To convert poems into theory means moving away from heart to head . Or like my friend says  – Can you show me dancing sitting silently?

For a longtime in India Veda’s were transferred from generation to generation only thru singing. Absolute no writing.  Old timers believed that once they write People will use their head and lose meaning.  Even now In India cities like Varanasi, Sringeri, Mathura  there are number of schools who do not allow you to carry pen or pencil but teaches you entire Gita by singing!.

That’s why western world could never gets enough of Rumi. Rumi spoke language of heart not of theory!. For a university bred westerners Rumi came as breath of fresh air! He had no sense of grammar or rhymes. His language was more of divine flow. Now western world is hell bent on creating grammar and rhyme out of Rumi’s world.  No wonder song of divine has become university dissection exercise.

To read a poem you need to know language of heart.  Otherwise you missed the bus. To read is not correct way to describe poem! probably to feel may be more Right!.

Haiku’s,  Veda’s, Bible, Quaran, Gita  -all were part of Divine songs. Now we have truck load of books explaining each one of them.  Lost In translation! I leave you with one of My Sufiana poems.

Mad –

he asked me – show me God?

I laughed,

I jumped and broke into peacock dance,

I screamed in ecstasy,

I kissed him and said to him “I love  you”,

I asked if we can drink wine to  celebrate !

I asked him if he can feel my Breathing!

I asked him slowly – did i answer his question?

he told me – i must be a Mad Bastard! I really wasted his time”

I couldn’t not understand

I told him to come back again,

I’ll try again to answer him,

may be this time I’ll dance better