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copyright Suresh Gundappa 2008

But you are always begging. you have never prayed without begging. Your prayer  and worship – they all become meaning less because your beggar’s mind keeps functioning overtime!

To beg in prayer means you do not have enough trust in God! Just think for a moment- if you are part of this whole intent driven Universe then there is no need to ask God separately in prayers!  The moment you feel Godliness then you do not have to pray because your life then becomes a prayer!

Einstein once said” I want to know God’s thoughts rest are in details!”

To be in meditative state, means to be in prayer. To be in trust with life means is to be in prayer! To live in Happiness means you are in life of prayer!

Once you start thanking for all the beauty  around you then a different quality arises in you. Because to be thankful for what you have means you are in total relaxation. You are in total acceptance of life!

When you are at your deepest relaxation it is easy to make your thoughts into reality.If there is a intent in your mind during the un-manifested awareness then chances are high that your intent will find its way to bloom!

This is what all remarkable  teachers are teaching – Eckhart tolle, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Rhonda Byrne . They are teaching nothing new but the same thing you find in words of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Rumi and others.

Everyone of them is driving home the point that you are the creator of your world. If you can add awareness to your life then you can create world of your choice!

Learn to relax and learn to stay in awareness, Stop begging because you are the Emperor!