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Photo Copyright :http://www.flickr.com/people/alreadygrace/

Photographer : http://aparalleluniverse.wordpress.com/

I recently asked a Gardner who is famous for his roses,

“What is your secret?”

He said, “Nothing, I am just a little crazy. When nobody is around I tell these roses that I make love with them! I only love them!

No flower has ever let me down. My trust in flower is so complete and unwavering that only let down that can happen is with my trust”

Just the attention, just a loving attention to a flower, makes him immensely happy. There is someone who will be happy: the flower will do everything for him to make him happy. There is someone who is watching and waiting for his growth; he is not alone, he is not unneeded.

This whole world looks so miserable for the simple reason that we have chosen to give attention to the wrong things, things which should be taken care of but without any sympathy.

You can love somebody, but please don’t love her headaches. Just make sure that she goes and gets some Greek aspirin. More than that is destroying the person. But when she is laughing, enjoy her, don’t even ask the question, why is she laughing? When she is dancing, dance with her; don’t ask, “What is the occasion?”

Pay attention to the right things and you will see a transformation happening in the person. You can help not only yourself in discovering your inner center you can also help everybody else who is in contact with you. If you give right attention, right nourishment to his hidden treasure, to his hidden splendor, you can help your awareness to be spread like a wildfire.



PS; I have added my dear friend Gracie’s photograph to this article. Do visit her Flickr site for wonderful Flower photos!