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copyright suesh Gundappa 2008


If you love somebody then you need not be self-conscious, and if you are self-conscious, you cannot love because the ego will become the barrier. If you are not self-conscious, only then is love possible. That’s why the more egoistic a person is, the less possibility is there of love. And when there is no love you are in a vicious circle: you think people don’t love you because you don’t appear beautiful, so you try to be more beautiful; you become more and more self-conscious — the more self-conscious you become, the less a possibility is there; and if you become absolutely self-conscious it is almost impossible — nobody can love you. You will simply put off anybody who comes near. You are a closed person, nobody can enter you.


In other words the moment find love, you are at ease. The moment you taste love then you need not pretend. You need not wear masks. You will be just as you are and you will allow whole world to see you transparently. And then miracle happens, you will attract people who like you for what you are. All the unwanted relationships start withering away.
Love means you are at ease. Love means you don’t need to pretend anymore.


Meditation is a way of finding your love. In-fact when meditation happens to you then Love blooms inside you. Love is fragrance of meditation.