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Suresh gundappa 2008  

 Danger is beautiful! In deep danger we come alive and we come close to stillness!. That’s why millions of people are addicted to dangerous sports and dangerous games! They love to tread forests, climb mountains, and play with fire, Ride a bike on terrains! In flying, climbing – you will find moment of stillness. Next time when you brake your car against unknown obstacle- just watch yourself! You will hit a wave of stillness and silenceness. Because you are not used to stillness you interpret silence negatively as fear!

Watch children, Constantly they are doing something which makes parents go nuts!, They are jumping from wall, Playing with Electricity, doing something what grown ups call dangerous! Kids never find interest in something easy; they need something challenging, risky and dangerous! As adults we keep destroying that unique quality every kid is born with! Teach them common sense. Don’t teach them to be meek. That is ability to take risks, ability to do things to your heart content.

Allow your kids to grow up with a quality of Risk taking ability, yes, they may lose many times but they constantly grow. Unlike most of you where life is stagnated!

Meditation is probably the biggest risk you can take. When you die to past and future you live  in this moment. Every moment then becomes a unknown journey. To live in this moment is totally  dangerous in society’s eyes. That’s why you find few risk takers in history – A Jesus here, A Buddha there, A Einstein here, A Leonardo there.