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Suresh Gundappa 2008

Have you noticed? you tend to move more towards love as you finish a fight. Over a period of time “cat fights” have become aphrodisiac in your relationship. That’s because your mind moves from one extreme to another. That is the nature of mind.

Now psychologists say if you don’t fight often then your marriage is dead! mmm…

To me, Whenever two lovers are intimate with one another they become silent. It is not that there is nothing to express. On the contrary, there is an overwhelming amount to be expressed. But words are never there; they cannot be. They come only when love has gone.

If two lovers are never silent, it is an indication that love has died. Now they are filling the gap with words. When love is alive, words are not there because the very existence of love is so overwhelming, so penetrating, that the barrier of language and words is crossed. And ordinarily, it is only crossed in love.

Meditation is the culmination of love: love not for a single person, but for the total existence.  Meditation is a living relationship with the total existence that surrounds you. If you can be in love with any situation, then you are in meditation.