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Suresh Gundappa 2008


I am guilty of stealing silence!


Recently a friend named “Lou” asked me if I have stolen my meditation psots from someone!  He said it looks like I have stolen from Osho!


Obviously he did not spend enough time on my site. If you just type Osho in my site search engine then you will find my first blog note which is dedicated to my first teacher.


But there is more to it. I have stolen more silence and more notes from lot of others too. I have stolen from Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Brain Weiss, Gangaji, Inayat Khan, Reshad field, Jesus, Buddha, Patanjali, Castaneda, Cohelo, Teresa, Rumi, Hafeez, Zorba, Gar Zukov, Einstein, Krishna, Richard Bach, Hugh Prather, Anne Beasant, Eckhart Tolle, Blavostsky, Idreis shah, and countless others.


In one way or the other, my awareness is a by-product of many teachers and wisdom of ages.  Everything on this blog belong to someone else who met awareness before me! 


Unfortunately I cannot say same thing about photos, they belong to a moment where I was present enough to click using my camera! They are mostly mine!


I am guilty as charged and I indeed stole a moment of silence from these masters and many thanks to them for being compassionate towards me.


Meditation is the only truth which cannot be shared, you can read thousand of scriptures and meet thousand gurus, but when silence descends on you, it is going to be your personal space which cannot be shared! Awareness is when you disappear and whole universe is mirrored inside you!


Thank you!