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photo Copyright : NYtimes: People’s belongings are seen lying on the floor amongst streaked pools of blood at the shooting site in Chattrapati Shivaji Railway terminus in Mumbai on November 26, 2008. Young policeman is escorting a oldman out of blood smeared Platform. http://graphics8.nytimes.com/packages/images/photo/2008/11/26/1127-MUMBAI/25962244.JPG

Recently we suffered terrorist attacks. 10 misguided young men  came and sprayed bullets across Mumbai, India.  Nine of the terrorists died and one captured alive. There were a reported 151 people killed from 11 different countries – though nearly 100 were Indian. More than 300 injuries have also been reported

my prayers to all ten of those terrorists:

Dear Terrorist

– next time or in your next life, if God permits – become my brother or son or someone I know. Let me show you Love, let me show you power of compassion. Let me show you that Rose is far more powerful than a bullet. Let me show you thousand ways to be Religious, Let me show you thousand ways to celebrate life. Let me show joy of helping and saving lives!

They came a long way to kill

people they never met

to murder someone they never knew

to hurt people they have never seen,

I do not know what drove them

but I bet

they have not prayed ,

Looks like they have never been loved and cared.

Bullets never listen to the prayers ,,,,,,

Bombs can never be made in God’s courtyard,,,,,,

It doesn’t matter

For every act of Evil

There is a million acts of kindness!

I send you love, ………………..Brothers in arms



PS:  my hearfelt tears and prayers to those killed in Mumbai attacks. My your soul rest in peace!