Suresh Gundappa 2009

Happy New Year to all my fellow readers!

It’s long time !  this is probably my longest break since I started this blog but it ‘s worth the silence! really…. the impact of Mumbai attack needed little healing!

Be light to feel delight!

Give yourself a minute or two! just think about number of things which are bothering you, you can see that you have endless list of pains around people, situations and lot of other things.

You are carrying huge burden of anger, frustration, guilt, hatred. There is a very little space for joy to come in, there is a very little space for silence to come in.  think about it!

The reason why both inner growth and materialistic gains take sometime to achieve is because you are not nimble. In a sense you are not free-spirited to attract opportunities to life. you have a heavy wounded heart that is dragging you!

If you can clear some space for life to come in then you can attract whatever you want.

Forgiving is the first way of cleaning heart, Start with probably one a day and then clean up all your complaints, anger and hurt .  there are no justified resentments! don’t justify or analyze.  Just say to yourself I will let  it go, till time is ripe for me to attend to the same.  Lot of times you just spend justifying within yourself why you are right. Justifying is another way creating blockades inside you!  Best is to let go and know that there is more joy and lightness available to you.

Forgiving is for giving……..the moment you start giving you begin to receive.