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copyright Suresh Gundappa 2009

Over a period of time,Darwin theory is becoming a question mark on evolution. but this is for sure, You are not going to grow if you breath like the way you do in shallow manner

Everybody breathes wrongly because the whole society is based on very wrong conditions, notions, attitudes. For example, a small child is weeping and the mother says not to cry. What will the child do? — because crying is coming, and the mother says not to cry. He will start holding his breath because that is the only way to stop it. If you hold your breath everything stops — crying, tears, everything. Then by and by that becomes a fixed thing — don’t be angry, don’t cry, don’t do this, don’t do that.

The child learns that if he breathes shallowly then he remains in control. If he breathes perfectly and totally as every child is born breathing, then he becomes wild. So he cripples himself.

once you learn how to breath shallow then all you do is to breath shallow thru out your life. that’s you find so many people live life like death.

Breathing is the master key to this universe. If you can manage to notice your breath pattern changing with your emotions. then you will also find breath pattern which has tremendous potential. you will also find breathing pattern which keeps you happy and positive. You will find vitality and energy with proper breathing. In fact when you are happy you breath deep. other fact is also true- if you can breath deeply you will remain in awareness and in joy.

Stop breathing shallow,

Start breathing deep to get more out of life.

the reason I say stop breathing is – once you stop breathing for a moment your next inhalation is deep. Idea here is to not stop breathing but pay attention to breathing.

If you can spend at least 10 minutes in a day watching breath then you have enrolled into biggest life change program.