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Suresh Gundappa 2009

I think more people get hurt by prayer than anything else. It seems biggest disillusionment and hurt in life is about the speed at which our wishes comes true.

 The reason why you get hurt in prayer is because prayer has long been a business for you! You have been asking God or almighty (whoever it is!) so much that you have forgotten to thank for whatever you have. It is a paradox of life that Prayer instead becoming a healing force has become hurting act.

Prayer is nothing but deepest thanks for whatever you have and whatever you don’t have; it’s a celebration of now and this moment!   In this moment when we accept everything and celebrate everything then you have created a possibility for manifestation!   You create a fertile ground thru silence and that’s what prayers are meant for! to create a season for your potential to come true!

In deep prayer where you ask nothing all your dreams come true!

In a life where every single act is based upon “what’s in it for me? ”, Prayer is a fresh breeze where everything have no reason but just to celebrate, but just to love, but just to thank. Try it! For once just pray for no reason! you will find flowering inside you! You will find fresh fragrance opening up!

Make Prayer a love affair, make Prayer your inner core of being, Then suddenly you will see all your prayers are answered!