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Suresh Gundappa 2009

When you don’t have a temple in your heart? How can you find your heart in the temple?

the same applies to Mosques and churches or any other places of prayer too! In fact Mohammed never believed in building Idols becasue of same reason!  He felt that wherever you are , You can carry Mecca with you!

Go inside and you will rediscover yourself.  Over the years Temples, Mosques, Churches were built to remind you of your inner centre. Enlightened masters over the year knew that with civilization, man would lose his centre. They wanted to create spots or energy pools where you can go back & remember your centre. Sufi’s call the way of the bleoved as “zikr” which means remembrance!

But over the years all these religious places have lost its reverence and they have become more of business places! In fact at these places you will be surrounded by people who will take you far away from your centre.

It is important you find centre in your heart because it is the only spot which is not corrupted yet! Once you find Temple in your heart then it is easy to pray at a Temple or Church!

Meditation is nothing but a way to find your center.

The ordinary mind continuously doubts; in Meditation the doubt is relaxed, the gestalt changes, you start trusting. The ordinary mind always thinks negatively; in Meditation you move to the positive; the pendulum moves from one polarity to another. The ordinary mind always desires, hankering, groping in the future; in meditation the future disappears, you are utterly here now. This moment becomes your totality, and in that very totality something, a door that has remained closed forever, opens up.

To find a center means to trust in miracles, to meditate means that things are possible without your doing anything at all. To Meditate means that you need not go anywhere and all can come to you, wherever you are. To Meditate means that the existence has not abandoned you; you can still call it forth. It has mothered you; it is not indifferent to you. In short, Finding center means believing in the impossible ! And when you believe in the impossible, it happens.