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Suresh motivator Dance

photo details:  Sufi Dance performed by persons with Disabilities  on wheel chairs and crutches

Copyright Suresh Gundappa 2009

Short Story: A parable of Love, life and dance by Suresh:

 I was just three years old! I just loved the sound of drum beats! Reminds me of mummy’s heart beat when I lean on her!  I just used to dance! I had only one move and my parents and family loved me! I used to sway up and down and I was super star at my house! First time I learned dancing should be the way of life because everyone is so happy because I dance!

I was five year old!  I still loved dancing; I heard a song outside my school window!  Promptly I got up and danced!  Couple of my friends joined me and Immediately my  class teacher  took a stick , gave me a whack & warned me about my behaviour  and she told me that I am in school  to learn and get disciplined and not to dance like a stupid fellow! First time I got hurt because I felt like dancing. I learned it is important to control your dance and your happiness! Otherwise I might look stupid!

I was 10 years old!  I loved what was on TV, I knew I could shake and thrust my hips better than that cabaret dancer on TV!  Within no second Dad switched off TV and warned me about my vulgar behaviour! He said “I cannot dance like that!”  Mom supported him and told me that   “I am getting into bad habits and my character needs to be stronger “  First time I felt dancing may be sin! I have to be careful not to commit those sins often; I felt God might punish those who dance for no reason! I felt Guilty!

I was 20 years Old! I loved the music in Pub’s to glory! On that day I went to pub with my girlfriend and the atmosphere was great!  I just loved that Raunchy woman who got drunk and danced! She was so drunk; she called me to shake a leg with her!  I couldn’t resist the dance of someone who was careless about the world and I loved that character of woman who allowed dance to swallow her! And I joined and did pelvic dance to the claps of onlookers. I went wild and lost myself to rhythm of beats! I kissed that wild dancing woman!  I have to say it was wild and nice!  

My girl friend almost slapped me and left that pub in disgust due to my behaviour!  She thought I am a low character asshole and she left me saying I should have had some manners to behave when I am with girlfriend at least. She didn’t see me again and we broke up! First time I felt You can only dance  according to expectation of others, I felt dancing is correct only if others approve, there is nothing in it for the dancer, everything is for onlookers!

I was 30 year old and my friends called me for a dance and I was  busy with my blackberry!  This is no time to dance and I was talking to a customer about potential business! First time I knew I should focus more on money and my career; these are not the times to dance away! I can always dance few years later once I make money!

I was 40 year old and I was trying to dance with my daughter. She laughs hysterically and says “you don’t have moves! Dad”!  You just can’t dance Dad!  You are too tight and you look ugly on dance floor!

I could see she was not feeling comfortable with me and I let her join her friends. First time I learned  I have little dance left in my body, There is little rhythm left in my body, I have become too stiff and rock like. I look like mannequin with no life!

I was 60 and my daughter  has moved out and I am alone at my house,  Across my window there is a party and I can see people dancing and I feel  like watching  them dance! I stand and watch them from my window and I can see lot of them are getting uncomfortable with old man watching them! So I slowly move back. I have moved away so much from dance that I can’t even watch others dancing! I feel low and felt like man with no legs!

 I am 75 now……….

Now money, career, security all are there! But I don’t have a dance!

I am trying to learn dancing, I could have just learned to dance at every problem of my life, but I have travelled so far taking hard way! 

I am trying to dance again like when I was just one and half year old!

Now I have learned again that dancing is the way of life!

Now I dance alone!  I dance to the tune of winds and I dance to the fragrance of flowers!

Now I dance to the sound of silence!  

Finally I found dancer and dancing disappear into dance!    I guess this peace in dancing !  I re-discovered myself in dance!

 Life is nothing but one helluva of a dance!

After years of struggling looks like all I need is dancing shoes to my grave!

End of short story

Meditation is nothing but rediscovering dance in life! Meditation is nothing but song of life! 

Come, come again and all you need is just one dance!