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Copyright Suresh Gundappa 2009

Stay silent:  In order to get a fine picture all I had to do is to stay silent, stay aware, stay in the moment – I always found then the whole universe conspires to unfold magical moment in front of you. Almost all my  photos are result of my silence. I learned, if I stay in awareness the same magic happens in day to day life too.

Everything is connected: when you are in forest you can see tremendous synchronicity of things. Trees, Flowers, Animals, Wind, sun – everything is connected.  All you need to do is to just stay in awareness to be part of such magnificent creation. When you know everything is connected then you will realise just your intention combined with awareness is enough to create what you want in life!

Love : Love is the stuff this existence is made of, flowers release fragrance, trees give shelter, Clouds rain,  Birds sing  and none of them do it for payment, Some of them do it for joy, some of them do it because they do not know any other way. I Learned Love is one way traffic ..you got to give …and only when you are capable of giving, you will gain the capacity to receive. 

Eyes can’t see: My eyes just can’t see as it is filled too much with knowledge, my eyes interpret everything.. this is green…this red…. this a pretty rose…. In order to take a photograph you got to open your heart. you got to live life from heart. then you can see this universe in splendour.

Man is poor , Existence is rich :  After travelling across the globe and I realised it doesn’t take much to be happy, –  Rain, Sun, Flower, Forest all can bring the greatest joy. I learned it doesn’t take much to be joyful. the moment you drop all reasons to be sad, existence gives thousand and one reasons to dance. I learned to find joy in little things of life.

You cannot photograph: I realised that I can never take a good photograph, I can only borrow a image from God. Just imagine if sunlight was bad or if it was cloudy or if there was no Himalayan range of mountains!  I couldn’t have taken many of those splendid photos!  I have never taken a photograph, i just borrowed it from this splendid earth!  This moment is as it should be. I learnt art of acceptance. Everything at this moment is perfect!

Earth is my responsibility:  Such splendour, such beauty, can you imagine my great grand children may miss half of the animals, trees, birds which are around today. They all might become extinct. Earth is my responsibility, I won’t leave this earth until I plant a million more flowers!