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Agency: TBWA, Paris
Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen
Copywriter: Veronique sels, Daniel Perez
Art Director: Ingrid Varetz, Javier Rodriguez
Photographer: Michael Lewis

2009 Suresh Gundappa

Why Imitate? Why Copy? You are so special that there is nobody like you,  you are unique and there is  nobody out there like you.

Except you, everybody else is taken,

This universe is special because of you!

You have always been told and reminded again and again to become someone, you have been always taught that somebody else is great and you should become like him or her.

There is no need , with all flaws and flairs, You are the creation of this universe, That’s enough to make you special.

if only and if you can relax with your being, then you will see new doors openings for you, Struggle in life is always to become someone else. The moment you relax and accept yourself – you will see a great tension disappearing from you.

All schools and colleges teaches you at “pay attention” – “Attention” exactly means “at tension.”  so in other words you learn soon  to “pay at tension”

The moment you relax in your being  then a great tension goes away. This tension is the biggest obstacle for your growth in life. if you remove this tension then sooner or later you will hear the tune of your life before the music plays!

The moment you relax and accept yourself, You start living in this moment and any one who lives moment to moment bound to receive universal grace, This whole earth showers you with goodies when you live in this moment and you will realise how special you are!

Remember -what others think of you is none of your business!

Today , just say – you are what you are and there is no need become someone special, because you are already special.

Mediation is art of knowing that everything in this universe is made of same stuff, Meditation is art of rediscovering you are special. You are already what you want to be!

PS: this photo is one of my all time favourites, It is important to teach children that they are special and teach them to accept themselves as they are,. only when they are comfortable with their nature then they can accept others. This whole world is a war zone because we cannot accept and respect each other for what we are.