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Suresh motivator 09

sureshgundappa 2009

Man is not born insane but is driven towards insanity by the priests, by the politicians, by the parents, by your whole educational system, by your morality, by all that is enforced upon you, by all the conditionings. You are driven insane.

Man need not be insane, but it has not been possible yet to accept man in his naturalness. We create a structure around him, we prune him, we go on and on giving a certain form and pattern to him, we don’t allow him to be himself.

And we need to accept humanity with deep respect, love, trust, so that man can regain his sanity. And the problem is that man is driven insane by your so-called well-wishers.

The people who are trying to help you are the people who are poisoning you. Great mischief is being done by public servants, missionaries, by the so-called saints. They are the most mischievous people in the world — not intentionally, not consciously, but that’s the ultimate result of whatsoever they have been doing. they have been driven insane by other saints and they are driving you insane. And if you don’t follow them you feel guilty; if you follow them you become hypocrites. They don’t leave you any other alternative, only two alternatives: either be insane like them or feel guilty. And both the alternatives are ill, sickening.

That’s why path of awareness in biggest risk you can take because then you will have to follow your heart, you will have to follow path of your own song!

Meditation is nothing but the path of Courage. Meditation is a way of singing your own song. Meditation is art of inner growth.