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Few weeks back I was at Vegas attending opening of a posh restaurant and I happen to be there as one of the high profile investors from Greater Omaha area Insisted that I attend glamorous Hollywood party.  This investor also happens to be leading investor in my fund so.. I couldn’t say NO.

While at the party the star attraction was not definitely who’s who of Hollywood but interestingly hot looking, barely dressed waitresses who had everyone’s attention.  People were taking turn to go ga-ga over waitresses. Ladies were checking out body-guards and  the bouncers at the bar!. My investor who knows me well & about my interest in human psychology asked me “ why is this fascination with waitresses for our celebrities?” I asked him with tongue-in –cheek  “is he asking this question for himself”;  he smiled wide and I knew he was asking for himself!  I really did not have ready made answer but my response was along the lines below.

Man’s first exposure to love is thru breast and milk!  Child’s first feel of security is from mothers milk! that’s why ,most of them fondly recall mom cooked food as their best childhood memories. In a world of artificiality, Hollywood is starved of love. Every time a successful celebrity hits a bar, he falls for the service provided by waitress. Waitress by training are made to treat you special. they make you feel special!  one good thing about alcohol is everything in this world looks beautiful after  few pegs!   Combine that with service for food, delicately exposed top! and alcohol– it’s heady atmosphere for falling in love!  Interestingly one of the Hollywood statistician who was at our table noted that he can think of one waitress hook up for every three hook ups!  he happens to be TMZ reporter! he said every waitress hook up he can think of does not lost more than 9 months!  what can I say! 9 months ring a bell!

Similarly for every every girl father is her first hero! if you notice pattern more girls end up with an affair with their body guards, gym coach, or even sports heroes!

One of the medical studies few years back showed women always remembered father for sense of security where as men remembered mother as sense of love!  psychologists say that men and women always fall in love with one who resembles at least  characteristics of Mother and Father respectively.

This was an interesting beer discussion! I found it very interesting and incidentally my fund is taking significant stake leading international  Bar & restaurant chain! I have kept all names out of this discussion due to professional legal issues. I am sure you can understand but the point I am trying to make is below.

here is something for you to meditate…

All of us ask for love, and how can one who is himself asking for love, give love? How can beggars be emperors? How can people who are asking for love, be givers of love?All of us ask for love from each other. Our beings are beggars asking somebody to give us love. The wife asks for love from the husband; the husband asks for love from the wife. The mother asks from the son, the son asks from the mother. Friends ask friends for love. All of us ask for love from one another without realizing that the friend from whom we are asking for love, is himself asking for love from you. You are like two beggars standing in front of each other holding your begging bowls.  As long as someone is asking for love, he cannot be capable of giving love because the asking for love is an indication that there is no source of love within him — otherwise why should he have to ask for love from the outside? Only a person who has risen above the need of asking for love, can give love. Love is a sharing, it is not begging. Love is an emperor, it is not a beggar. Love knows only giving, it does not know anything about asking.