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Photo Credit: My friend Arindam sent me this photo!  Being a photographer I loved the story!, before I start my notes I would like to credit this photo to respective owner! Whoever it is! Well done job!

Suresh Gundappa 2010

Beyond funny story depicted in this photograph , note that Man lives his life thru milk bottle!. Milk bottle represents actually safety and security that reminds of Mothers breast!  in fact that’s the man’s struggle for life!

Throughout life he hankers for security –  Secure house, Secure wealth, Secure love, Secure job……but mostly man’s struggle is for security.  That’s how life eludes most of the people.

Life cannot be secure ,only death can be secure,  Beauty of life lies in its insecurity!  life can happen only to people who does not know what happens to them tomorrow.

That’s why a caterpillar can die to become a butterfly!

person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it!  Get out of the bottle and Jump! See where it takes you!

The beauty of the above photograph is that – only first bottle is not your choice! all other bottles are your choices! life is all about choices we take and make!  Then you know what life is, other wise when you end up on a last bottle of the above photograph!  When you reach that bottle you will start thinking about life!

Life doesn’t happen to thinkers! Life happens to doers!

Get out! Go get a life!