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Suresh gundappa 2010

we remain alienated from one another..

after such extended togetherness

we again depart again to meet again in the hope…

this time our hearts would meet.

will these eyes ever witness
a green and spotless spring

Will the rains from heaven
cleanse the garden
of the stains of blood

I recall that the eve of
from our last lives…

When I stood On this bank
and saw you cross the

Ruthless were the moments
that followed the
pangs of end of love

Lightness were the morns
that follwed those
generous sights of union

I call for you….
I sing your name in this forest…

the birds respond to my wail and
return with a
heavy heart….as the song stops

I recall these moments…

though much was
much was said….

but…what i went
prepared from deep
within my soul to say
was left unsaid….