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Copyright Suresh Gundappa 2010

short story  by Suresh …

John somehow managed to take this break after a long time. Being a workaholic, it was difficult for him to take a holiday break.  Constant work pressure, goals, marriage took a toll on him. Finally he decided to take a break and headed to Himalayas for a quick mountain climbing trip.

He was greeted warmly by Sherpa coach “Songa”. Journey towards base camp was dampened by a flat tyre and   John was unhappy with arrangements. It was cold and the facilities at the camp were really ordinary,Just basic. He felt like has been taken for a ride by his tour operator.  He just wanted to get over with it. he was angry and  irritated.

John was teamed with two  other regular mountain hikers. His next two days became really bad with other two guys constantly boasting their experiences . this was john’s first trip in years and on top of that he was not a regular mountain climber.

By third day John was boiling like a volcano. Just irritated to death, he was finding his way too strenuous and hard. Entire team had reached mid point and It was a week trip so Songa, Sherpa guide was screaming at everyone to move forward little fast.

After a while Songa noticed that  John had fallen behind.  He stopped enough to catch up with John and asked him.

“John, dear friend, why are you carrying so much Baggage? you need to stay lite, if you need to reach the top!

John replied- ‘ what do you mean so much Baggage? I am carrying  less than most others, why are you picking me up?

Songa :-  John, I am not talking about your bag on the shoulders!

John:- Then what is it , Sherpa?

Songa:- John, I am talking about you! You are carrying your work , your money, your marriage, your past, your future, everything with you. If you are coming to mountain climbing then you need leave your mind back at home.

Secret of mountain climbing is that, it is one step at a time!  you need leave your past and future behind so that you can take one step totally. Once you leave your mind behind it is easy to reach the top!. To reach top, you got be lite my friend in your heart!  This is the secret of life and mountain climbing!  Lose your baggage my friend so that you can have nice journey!

John was stuck by lightning, suddenly he could notice the majesty around him. Just at that moment air smelled better, sky looked bluer and earth looked greener.

John smiled and at that moment his work , his future and his family everything looked perfect. He just needed to change the way he moved forward in his life.John decided to lose his baggage and since then his life travel has become much more fun.

…..End of the story

Love ….my friends