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Suresh Gundappa 2011

It’s wonderful is’t it ? the practice of leaving footwear outside prayer places is ancient and meaningful one!  For years East practiced it with wisdom.  For years wise ones felt that you carried your world in your legs!   Contrary to West which starts with head, East felt that feet is the most important part.  Old Mystics believed that we carried our world wherever we go.  It just means that we carried our world of thoughts with us wherever we went. We collected garbage in our head.  Mostly footwear were made of skin and most mystics believed that skin carried thoughts. it’s not accidental that monks in East prefer to wear Footwear made of wood.  East believed that  we collected  thoughts  as much in our feet as much as in our head!

Foot is one of the most important energy points in East, We always touched Gurus feet,  Wise ones believed that  palms and foot are two most important energy transfering points in Body, Blessing was and is always by hand and receiving blessing is always by touching someone’s feet.   Entering world of Prayer and Divine thru feet is oldest device of Mystics.  Infact ancient China believed that foot is the center of Body, In fact they gave to the world art and greatest science of foot Massage. They could heal anything by just working on feet!.  Japanese tea ceremonies never allow footwear inside, In fact Most tea ceremonies are nothing but meditation ceremonies!

Coming back to leaving footwear outside Temples, temples and mosques, Gurudwara’s,  in early days sacred places were always built with special stones and marbles. These stones and marbles are known to keep vibrations.  As soon as your feet touches temple, Mosque  or prayer hall, the first feeling inside you is of Prayer,  if you sit and watch people entering these places invariable everyone closes their eyes at the first touch of feet to temple hall!  isn’t it wonderful!

There is something funny and interesting I want to share here. Watch Young kids, they always want to lie down on temple floor. they try to sleep, hug and roll around the temple floor. Usually parents accompanying them never allow that but children feel tremendous urge to hug earth!  unfortunately grown ups have barred them from doing so!. next time if you take a kid to temple and he likes to roll around a temple or church, please grow up!  kid knows what he or she is doing and they are just hugging the divine calling!

Idea was to give you taste of silence as soon as step into prayer hall. Footwear signifies the world you carry in your head, footwear signifies your ambitions, your desires, your pain, your ecstasy and everything which is your mind. Whenever you get a chance to leave footwear outside a prayer hall, Please do leave your mind also outside. Approach with silence, May be you can get a glimpse of Divine!

Love & Please leave your mind and footwear outside when you read me!