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Copyright Suresh Gundappa 2012

The moment you open up your heart and allow all the secrets that you are hiding behind you to come into the light, you become weightless. Those secrets make you feel burdened. You are always afraid of being caught – those secrets make you afraid. Confession can free you from those burdens, those
fears; and confession also accepts your humbleness, your sincerity, your being a human being.

But confession in itself – confession to the trees, confession to the stars – just talking out yourheart completely, saying everything that you are hiding from the world, will have a tremendous,psychologically healing effect.

But talk to the universe, open your heart without anything held back, and you will feel a tremendous relief, a sense of cleanliness, purity, innocence. So if your questions feel like confessions it is perfectly good; don’t feel guilty about it. Each question is a confession of your ignorance. And any
confession of ignorance is good.