anger sign of weakness suresh gundappa


Anger is a sure sign of weakness. It’s a moment where you lost your awareness. It is also temporary madness.

Anger is a sign of your struggle with the present moment. You are angry,When you fight against acceptance of the present moment . Anger is also a sign that you are helpless. Anger is a moment where you refuse to go with the flow and fight against the reality.

Anger is a sign of your inability to accept Insecurity or unpredictability of the situation. In-fact most of the times when you are angry it is not the situation which makes you angry – You get angry because of the deep fear to accept present situation. You get angry because somewhere your ego has been tremendously hurt.

Anger is also a sign of carrying past. Your inability to let go accumulates hurt points within you. Nobody has to do anything. You are already prepared to get hurt and get angry. When you start living from moment to moment in deep acceptance of the present moment there is very little chance of anger. When you start fighting with situations and existence you are preparing yourself for an angry energy.

Relax, accept and rejoice. Anger is a beautiful energy use it. Let me give you an exercise. If possible start recording for next 7 days your reasons for getting angry. List down all the situations and events which made you angry. You will be surprised to know that none of these situations demanded your anger. Also you will notice that irrespective of the situations you have cultivated habit of getting angry at the routine stuff for years. You have been addicted to the Anger, It has become necessary addiction for your survival. Without anger you feel impotent, weak and inferior.

You can’t do anything directly with anger. It’s an energy. All you can do is to watch it with awareness. The day you can catch anger is arising in you then you have learnt to master the anger. Till then you are just a slave to Anger

~ love ……Suresh Gundappa